Denists Against Root Canals

Denists Against Root Canals

Denists Against Root Canals


Welcome to the MDN "Local Library" Django tutorial, in which we develop a website that might be used to manage the catalog for a local library.

In this series of tutorial articles you will:

  • Use Django's tools to create a skeleton website and application.
  • Start and stop the development server.
  • Create models to represent your application's data.
  • Use the Django admin site to populate your site's data.
  • Create views to retrieve specific data in response to different requests, and templates to render the data as HTML to be displayed in the browser.
  • Create mappers to associate different URL patterns with specific views.
  • Add user authorization and sessions to control site behavior and access.
  • Work with forms.
  • Write test code for your app.
  • Use Django's security effectively.
  • Deploy your application to production.

You have learned about some of these topics already, and touched briefly on others. By the end of the tutorial series you should know enough to develop simple Django apps by yourself.

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